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Hardwood Flooring in Levittown, PA

With its distinctive character and elegant beauty, natural hardwood flooring is always a hot commodity. At Angelo’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Levittown, PA, we love real wood flooring and its ability to transform any room. Our local team of experts is here to help you find the best hardwood floor for your home or office. With our expansive inventory of products made by Mullican, Rustic River, Armstrong, Mirage, and more, we have what you need to add value and distinction to your interiors. Here are some things to consider as you shop for new hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Styles

Today, there are hardwood flooring styles to suit nearly any type of setting. From traditional dark wood floors with weathered finishes to contemporary light wood floors with a smooth glossy feel, you’re sure to find the right fit for your interior design. You can begin by deciding what type of wood species you want. We have many sustainably sourced options, including maple, oak, hickory, mahogany, cherry, birch, walnut, pine, and more. We also have a wide range of shades, stains, plank widths, and lengths.

Different Types of Hardwood

Our Pennsylvania winters can be rather unforgiving, while our summers remain quite humid. Because of this simple fact, it’s even more important to understand the nuances of solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Although these two flooring groups are identical in appearance from the surface, there are some important distinctions.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is the traditional option and is made from single, solid hunks of natural wood. Each plank is typically ¾’’ inch thick and designed to be refinished when the floor becomes significantly scratched and worn out up to seven times. Solid hardwood increases property value and is ideal for on or above-grade rooms that are dry. Since wood is naturally porous and can absorb water, it’s not a great fit for moisture-prone areas, like basements or bathrooms.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is refined by modern manufacturing. Each plank is made by laminating 3-7 layers of composite wood together in a cross-grain direction, before adding a finished piece of premium hardwood to the surface. This construction stabilizes the floor and counteracts wood’s tendency to swell and shrink in changing conditions. Engineered floors can be used in any of your home’s moisture-prone rooms or areas where solid hardwood is not recommended.

Hardwood and Humidity

Hardwood flooring is always alluring, and if properly installed and situated, it can endure for generations. Unfortunately, there are sometimes instances where hardwood isn’t your best option. Understanding your environment and the flooring choices that work best will ensure long-term satisfaction. Hardwood flooring will perform very differently in different environments. Because of this, understanding your home’s relative humidity should be the first step in your shopping process. Relative or overall humidity refers to the level of water in the air. A soaring humidity level means your solid hardwood floor will soon absorb much of this moisture, causing planks to swell. In turn, when relative humidity gets too low, your boards will shrink. Neither of these scenarios will lead to anything good! Monitoring your interior climate will go a long way in ensuring a long, healthy life for your hardwood, should you choose that route. Experts recommend using a hydrometer to monitor air quality within the home. A 42% humidity level is ideal for keeping your hardwood from buckling, warping, or splitting. Keep your climate under control with properly monitored heat or air conditioning, depending on the season.

Our Hardwood Selection

Angelo’s Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of Carpet One Floor & Home, the largest floor covering co-op in the nation. As a part of the cooperative, our purchasing power spans nearly a thousand other stores. With our incredible selection of the latest hardwood flooring products, as well as localized services and competitive pricing, we are your preferred destination for all your hardwood flooring needs. With the area’s best wood flooring selection and prices, we can help you accomplish your next installation project. To learn more about our products and services, such as our flooring installation services, visit us soon at 946 South Woodbourne Road in Levittown, PA, or shop our hardwood flooring inventory online.


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