Soft Surface Flooring

Comfortable, Stylish, & Durable

Soft Surface Flooring

Soft surface flooring has come a long way in the past few years, and at Angelo’s Carpet One, we are determined to provide the best quality products in the market. The advancements in the engineering of fibers have made soft surface flooring more durable to wear and tear. Our experts are highly skilled and want to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next floor.


Many people have misconceptions of carpet. The fact is that carpet has changed drastically over time. Many options are stronger to high foot traffic and direct sunlight. Other options resist stains and repel water. Stylish colors and patterns are still available, but the updates that have been made to carpet make it a highly sought after flooring option to this day. Our experts will help you find the most ideal carpet choice and help with choosing carpet padding as well. See some of our brands below:

Tigressa | Karastan | Lees Innovia | & More

Area Rugs

Capable of making a statement, area rugs can make a bold design impact and are available is a variety of colors and patterns. Practical as well, area rugs can protect your floors from life’s day to day activities. Learn about area rug sizing and placement here.

Proudly serving the Levittown, PA area, Angelo’s Carpet One offers a large variety of flooring options. We work with you from purchase to installation and want to exceed your expectations.

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