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Angelo’s Carpet One is proud to offer an extensive collection of high-quality carpets and area rugs from Karastan. Karastan revolutionized the industry in 1928 when they took one of their classic area rugs to the World’s Fair and allowed millions of people to walk across the rug. As you can imagine, the area rug was filthy, and the oriental design was indistinguishable from the dirt, food, and drink spills. However, Karastan expected and wanted this. They successfully cleaned half of the rug and demonstrated just how durable their product was. Today, Karastan remains an industry leader providing beautiful carpets and area rugs that resemble and perform as well as those that are hand woven. At Angelo’s Carpet One we guarantee that you’ll find an affordable option that performs.


karastan carpet in bedroom


Design and performance go hand and hand when you choose Karastan. Every Karastan carpet and area rug is woven and can last nearly twice as long as products that are tufted. Also, face weight, fiber twists, and stain resistant finishes add to the carpets longevity. Moreover, Karastan’s products don’t only last long; they’re also environmentally friendly.

karastan carpet in bedroom


Whether you’re looking for something traditional for your living room or need something sturdy for a busy office, Karastan has something for everyone. The Metropolitan collection lends a sophisticated style with a modern twist while wondrous wool is cozy and hypoallergenic. If kids or pets are your primary concern, then you can worry less with SmartStrand Forever Clean. Ask one of the experts at Angelo’s Carpet One which Karastan collection best suits your lifestyle!

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Carpets and Area Rugs

Carpets and area rugs bring warmth and a classic touch to every room. The craftsmanship behind Karastan products has led to top-notch performance, and their designs are timeless. If you’re ready to invest in a quality carpet or area rug, then you can be sure that Karastan will impress.

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