Hard Surface Flooring

Durable, Modern, & Sleek

Hard Surface Flooring

Hard surface flooring is a beautiful option for any home, and at Angelo’s Carpet One, our experts want to ensure that you’re selecting the right floor to fit your needs. Lifestyles and floor traffic differ from room to room, so we help you to make the best choice dependent on your circumstances. Proudly serving the Levittown, PA area, Angelo’s Carpet One offers a large selection of hard surface flooring options, including many Carpet One exclusive brands.


There’s no denying it; hardwood is luxurious and beautiful. Natural markings, differences in grains, and color variety add character to any room. Distinct and unique, hardwood is known as being pricey; however, it is a sound investment that can add value to any home. This timeless flooring option will never go out of style and can last a long time with refinishing. Some of our brands are listed below:

Rustic River | & More


A perfect option for those who are looking for a more affordable option to hardwood and stone, Vinyl has become widely popular. The additional offering of depth and texture has made vinyl an authentic alternative to other flooring options. More comfortable than typical hard surface flooring, vinyl is not only stylish, but low maintenance, generally waterproof, and long-lasting as well. Some of our brands are listed below:

COREtec | Invincible H2O | VeroStone | & More


Available in many color and texture options, laminate is known as a budget-friendly flooring option. It is aesthetically pleasing and can mimic the look of wood and tile. Requiring little maintenance, laminate is the perfect floor for a care-free lifestyle. Some of our brands are listed below:

Laminate for Life | & More


Durable and low maintenance, tile is great for active households. Tile comes in porcelain, ceramic, and stone, each with their unique benefits. The attractive styles and colors of tile make for a one-of-a-kind design for floors and backsplashes.

At Angelo's Carpet One you're sure to find something to fit your needs. Consider us when choosing your residential or commercial flooring.


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