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What is Commercial Carpet?

Angelos Carpet One Floor & Home in Levittown, PA is experienced in commercial carpeting. For over 34 years, we have been installing high-quality flooring and providing superb service. No matter what the size of your project is, we are your local experts when it comes to commercial carpeting. We take pride in completing your project correctly. 
Check out our commercial flooring guide to learn more about commercial flooring installations. 

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About Commercial Carpeting 

There are many factors when it comes to choosing the commercial carpet that is going to function best at your place of business. Along with carpet and fiber type, determining what carpet style you want can depend on what kind of business you have. 

All commercial carpets today are equipped with built-in stain protection. For high traffic commercial spaces that are likely to experience accidents with food and liquid spills, dark carpet is recommended. Dark, heavily patterned carpet masks most colors, keeping carpeting looking clean. If you do choose to go with a lighter colored carpet, try to select something patterned. It is impossible to guess what kinds of mishaps will happen over time. Patterned carpet, even when it is a lighter color, can hide stains well. 

We suggest that commercial carpet is cleaned often due to its exposure to high foot traffic. Vacuuming daily and picking up spills quickly is the best way to keep commercial carpet looking its best. With new technology, commercial carpeting has made it so that wearing occurs more slowly. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep your overall design plan in mind while thinking about functionality. 


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